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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the rest. Are you keeping up?

Do you need to promote on the spot? Have you considered Social Media? You can run a promotion right now from your smartphone on many of the Social Media platforms. They are about business, you just need to leverage it.

Social Media platforms affect your Google rankings. Do you know how? Are you using it effectively?

Print is great, but, web is better!

You can't beat a business card, a brochure or a rack card for direct, take it with you, marketing. Social Media and a smartphone are take it with marketing with an instant notice capability!

When you print something, you're locked into the content until you print more. The web affords you instant change capability. Do you have a promotion to run today? Run it on the web. You know all this or you've thought about it. How many of you are doing it?

Can you find your site on Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines? SEO is critical these days

Did your web designer run away? He/she took your money, started your site and now you can't find him. Does he/she refuse to return your calls and emails? Are they hosting your website and now you don't have any control of it?