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The Foundation of Branding and Marketing

by d'Raij Dude
27 Aug 2014

This is probably not what you were taught or have heard but this is the way I define it and stress to all my new clients. Before you can start marketing, make sure you know who you are. Write these out so you and your staff know your branding, you're marketing will follow nicely.

  • The GOAL statement: where you are in the short term - now to 3 months from now.
  • The VISION statement: where you want to be in 5 years.
  • The MISSION statement: the methodology and path to take you from your goal to your vision.
  • List your products & services.
  • Stick to your original formulated idea.
  • Define your differences - the reasons a client would come to you rather than go down the street to your competitor. If you can't, work with your marketing consultant to accomplish this.
  • Define your market - the people who you want to buy from you.
  • Define your audience - the people who will see your marketing whether they are in your target market or not.
  • Don't upset or anger your market or audience.

My challenge to you is to write this out and post on the wall next to the desk where you work and in your lunch room and on the wall in view to the path to your restroom facilities. Everyone in your organization should know this!

These are not etched in stone but shouldn't be changed more that 4 times a year and must be evaluated at least once a year.




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