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$250 for 24 custom mugs

1 color logo includes $60 setup charge. contact us for this deal

Promotional Products:

Ceramic Coffee Mugs are one of the old-age materials that are still popular today and have become an industry staple. Practically in every kitchen or even office pantry, you are bound to see a ceramic coffee mug with either the company's logo or even a saying such as 'World's Best Dad'. Apart from being a cutlery statement, ceramic mugs, also called coffee mugs or coffee cups, are also popularly becoming a collector's hobby as well as part of home decor pieces. The truly artistic go all out in collecting custom printed coffee mugs to adorn their display cabinet or kitchen. Imprinted coffee cups are perfect for companies, for wedding favors and party gift bags as well as for sororities and collegiate where you want to inject some team spirit and increase the sense of belonging among your team members and social circles.

Personalized coffee mugs also make a statement. Quick ice breakers are good especially when you are surrounded by people you do not know. By imprinting your logo on a coffee mug, it can be turned into an exceptional promotional item that can be presented as corporate gifts. It is a means of advertising and marketing your business as coffee cups have staying power--it not only looks classy to have your logo printed on a mug but it also promotes your business and sends your message to your audience for a longer period of time. Not only that, printed ceramic mugs are becoming increasingly popular at home, in the office and at cafes and restaurants as these mugs are dishwasher safe and are eco-friendly. Why use a paper cup for your morning coffee when you can have it in a strong, sturdy and unique mug.

Clothing makes the person. Why not wear your brand? The finest clothes can be branded with your logo very tastefully. Do you have fans that like you and your brand? Give them something to show off your greatness.

Accessories can be general or industry specific. Cork screws, key fobs, luggage, golf tees, tape measures, guitars, cars, etc. Do your clients have some tool or accessory used for your industry? If there is room to print on it, we can probably get it done. There is no limit.